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We deliver to the heart of Pattaya and Jomtien. From the beach to Sukhumvit, and from Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya Rd.) to Soi Chaiyapruch in Jomtien.


Iced Green Tea, Coke, Coke 0,Sprite – 30 Baht

Mineral Water, NesCafe Cold Coffee – 25 Baht

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About Us

Pattaya Meals is a family owned business, owned and operated by Chef Pang Upacheewa. Pang started the company because she felt it was too difficult to get good and affordable Western meals delivered quickly in town. Pang is a professionally trained cook with a decade of experience, and her family members help her in the kitchen and with deliveries.

About Our Food

Chef Pang insists on using only high quality ingredients and meats.

On the menu, you'll find some healthy options, and you'll find some less healthy items as well, but rest assure that we are using quality ingredients in each dish. There’s a wonderful variety of options, and a meal for every occasion.

Pattaya Meals’ food appeals to expats and tourists. You’ll see Western options like our gourmet quality pastas and salads, and even a cheese burger platter. But we also bring you the best Thai food meals, all cooked with the Western palette and appetite in mind.

About Our Prices

Pattaya has had some quality delivery options for years. But our company fills the void of having a super quick and affordable, prepared meals delivery option.

Most of our meals are around 150 baht, and they're all under 200 baht. Our service always includes FREE DELIVERY and gratuity is not accepted. Factoring in delivery, quality of food, and selections on the menu, nobody in town competes with us on price.

Our Loyalty Program is second to none. You'll earn a free meal each time you purchase your 10th. That is our way of encouraging you to use us frequently. You can use us every single day; your body and wallet will thank you if you do!

What’s with the no tip rule? We hear this question a lot. Tipping in Thailand is a nuisance. Thailand was always a no tipping country to begin with, but lately that has shifted a bit, and now people never know whether they’re tipping too much or too little. As more and more customers began tipping, more employers started paying their servers as little they could get away with. We’re trying to shift things back in the right direction. We pay our employees well so that you don’t have to! After all, we’re a family business. So we wouldn’t want our family to have to rely on hit or miss tipping expectations. We take care of them, so your tips are not necessary.

About Our Service

Ordering has never been simpler! You can call in or order by messaging us on Facebook. Go ahead and LIKE us on Facebook, and then feel free to message us with your order. Legit English speakers will respond. You can order every day, excluding just a couple of major holidays, from 11:30AM - 9:30PM.

It’s easy to order, and deliveries are amongst the quickest in town.

Office Deliveries

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We Deliver Right to Your Office!

For group orders, please call a couple of hours in advance.

Let Us Cater Your Event or Party

We need 24-48 hours notice (depending on the size of the party), and a deposit is required.

We can provide hot trays, serving utensils, drinks, paper plates, cups, etc.


095 285 9551

Pattaya food delivery

Open Daily, 11:30 AM - 9:30 PM